Some updates from the latest AITEM Board meetings we’d like to share with you.

The 2020/2021 financial statements are ready to be submitted to the Assembly of Members in September. The financial situation of AITEM is more than satisfactory.

Preparatory work for the next AITEM Conference is proceeding: the reviewingphase of the Young Researcher submissions was concluded before summer to start the process for publishing the Springer book, while the evaluation of submissions for the other sessions will be completed in autumn, following the decision to postpone the Conference. The early bird registration deadline is moved to 30th November 2021

On 14th and 15th January (a few days before the Conference) Manuthon will take place in Turin. This new edition represents AITEM’s resolution in relaunching live events despite the current uncertainties making us place a bet. We’re looking forward to seeing again many young enthusiasts competing on manufacturing topics.

The main Open Innovation structure has been set up with its key components. Work will proceed in the following months to detect the challenges, andAITEM’s contribution will be crucial to that. The first results will be presented at the end of the year and illustrated during the next AITEM Conference.

Our compliments to Prof. Marco Sortino from the Machining Section for the success of the course “Digital transformation of production processes”, which was organized within the AITEM Academy and took place over 4 appointments between 21st May and 11th June with 16 participants. End-of-course questionnaires showed that the course contents matched the participants’ professional interests, that the trainers’ presentations were considered clear and of high quality, and that participants were completely satisfied with the contents and the teaching method.

Coordination and development of the new Sections are also proceeding, particularly for organizing training events and communication activities. The brilliant young members who launched the New Sections are working with fantasy and innovation to create valuable initiatives.