Università di Messina

Università di Messina

On March 20, 2024, the Department of Engineering established the laboratory "LIVINGAM | Living lab for Additive Manufacturing". Additive manufacturing is a key technology and a trend of Industry 4.0, with benefits in terms of resource efficiency and economic and environmental advantages.

The laboratory can become strategic for local and regional companies for the redesign and production of advanced components. It can expand to other markets, valorizing instrumental and human resources, and facilitating the birth of spin-offs and start-ups, with social and economic impacts.

In terms of education, the laboratory will become a privileged place of the Department for advanced teachings, thematic masters, training for PhD students, participation in challenges, and paths for transversal skills.

Propositively, it will be a "forge" of ideas to develop strategic lines for research and innovation projects, participating in technical and thematic tables, and offering skills in national Clusters and Technological Districts.

Actually, it is equipped with: 3D printer Creality K1 Max, 3D printer Bambu Lab X1-Carbon, 3D printer Qidi Tech X-Max 3, 3D Scanner Revopoint Miraco Pro, UTM Lonos 2.5 kN.