Precision Metal Additive Manufacturing (PAM2) Summer School – Padova, 17 – 21 June 2019

Additive manufacturing (AM), sometimes called 3D printing, offers many advantages, including its almost unlimited design freedom, enabling unprecedented levels of functional integration, and the capability to produce personalised parts locally with efficient material use. This has evoked a true revolution in manufacturing and a rapid growth of the AM sector.

The summer school aims at improving the understanding of different critical aspects involved in the process chains for precision metal additive manufacturing, starting from the design until the production, post processing and metrology of parts. The summer school consists of a five days program including various lectures covering the most important steps that are necessary to achieve precise AM metal parts. The lectures will take place mainly during the first three days of the summer school, followed by an afternoon networking and poster session, in which the participants can present their research and discuss their findings with specialists from university and industry in a highly stimulating environment. To deepen and to round up the acquired knowledge the summer school closes with a laboratory visit on the last day.